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Sharla Martin is a natural light photographer serving Austin, TX and surrounding areas.  I love capuring maternity, child and family portraits, but my true passion and specialty is in newborn photography and capturing the baby's first year. I would love to help you savor these moments!

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"Sharla is very knowledgeable and experienced, but most importantly she has a deep love of and gift for working with newborns and children.  Our pictures of Ella are gifts we will treasure for a lifetime and beyond. I highly recommend Sharla for newborn pictures and know it's the best keepsake you can invest in."

– Lori –

About Sharla Martin Photography

Have you ever happened upon a photograph, may be one you didn’t even know existed, and as you looked a flood of emotion engulfs you? It may have been a moment almost forgotten, but the picture brings back vivid recollection. At the moment the picture was taken, you thought you would never forget, but somehow you had.

As a mother of three, this is why I am crazy passionate about photography. There are so many of these moments in my life that I thought I would never forget: their tiny feet, the fresh baby smell, the creases around their wrists from the rolls, even how their tiny hands felt in mine. But as time goes on, I have. The beautiful photographs can take me back to that place like nothing else and they can never be taken away.

I would love to capture these fleeting moments for you in a beautiful, natural way.